11 October 2011

Windows Optimization with Simple Performance Boost

Talk about Windows optimization, you may be familiar with the word "tweak" or "tweaking", said to turn on or turn off the hidden features. There are several tools for tweaking like Mz Ultimate Tools, X-Setup Pro, RegToy, TweakNow also Ultimate Windows Tweaker.

Despite all the above tools can be said to be complete, but the majority of all the options we have to choose yourself. Although it gives us the freedom which will be on optimization, but still many of us are confused or do not know / understand what is going on optimization. So now there is a simpler alternative, and we do not need to be confused when we want to make tweaks to optimize Windows, Simple Performance Boost.


With a small program, a free and portable, we can further optimize Windows XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 2008. The program is designed to perform system optimization (both stability and speed), but still done by selecting the most secure way, so to minimize the negative effects are undesirable.

Each "tweak" conducted by the program is only a small effect, but when many parts are optimized, the performance obtained can be quite large.

Tips and Usage
When first run this software, it creates a backup registry that will be changed, so that when there are problems after the use of this software can easily be restored to its original state.

There are 4 view (tab) provided: Welcome, General Tweaks, Tweaks Networking & Service and Visual Tweaks. Start of Welcome, we can click Next, Next to the end and click "Apply Tweak", then restart and see how the optimization that we get. But here are some general explanation of each tab are available:
  • Welcome, contains only preliminary only, and the "Open Backup File Location" to restore the settings to a previous state through a data backup that was made.
  • General Tweaks, contains various general optimization, from memory, the Boot / Shutdown, files or hard disk optimization, and several other optimizations. Illustrate the details of each option can be found at the bottom when the cursor / mouse is moved over the option.
  • Networking Tweaks, contains the optimization associated with the network (network).
  • Tweaks Service, contains the optimization service windows such as: disable pengindex activate the search (which just worsens the performance of the system), help services, and other.
  • Visual Tweaks, containing the related optimization problem or effect the display windows. If you want high performance and does not require a display and a variety of effects here is optimization.
For those who already understand some tweaks that are provided, can choose which one will be optimized as needed. But for the beginners, the choices included is enough and can directly perform the optimization with the click Apply Tweaks. Optimization of only a few minutes, then the computer must be restarted so that the effect is felt.


How to know if the performance of windows has been increased? If we do not feel the performance increase, one way to check whether there is an effect or not is through the use of Memory (RAM). Check through Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del) and select the Performance tab, and then compare it with previous use of Memory.


  1. I think the best configuration is the default config