03 October 2011

Firefox 7 With Better Memory (RAM) Usage

mozilla firefox 7 thumbOne of the most complained from Firefox is RAM usage that too big. But just now Firefox 7 has been released with improvements of that problem, with new technique Mozilla declare if now RAM usage is decrease until 20-50%, and that's not all because there are many other improvements.

Firefox is one of most web browser widely used, beside available for Windows, Mac and Linux (also Android), magnitude of add-ons also supporting factor for this Firefox 7. But until now the most annoyed problem is very large RAM usage and honestly since version 4 I often feel hang/freeze/not responding. Include the first time loading (startup time) that is very slow!


And hopefully with the launch of this new version of Firefox all of these problem can be fixed, like Mozilla stated on his blog "Mozilla Firefox Significantly Reduces Memory Use to Make Web Browsing Faster". All of these problem starting to repair.

Beside of Memory usage repaired firefox 7 also add some feature such as additional in developer tools, increased speed on HTML5 content, Enhanced graphics acceleration as well as an increase in startup time, including when the use many of tabs. However PCMag satated the start up time still slower than Internet Explorer 9 also Chrome. But it is much improved.

Firefox also adds Telemetry tool that sends information to its server performance using firefox to be analyzed and to improve the next version. If we do not want this feature we can disable it.

To try, we can perform an automatic update on Firefox 6 Menu or download directly from its download page.


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