22 October 2011

Hiding Favorites and Libraries on Windows Explorer

If we are already familiar with Windows XP, then switch to using windows 7 and often open Windows Explorer, you may feel the difference in appearance. In the left pane you will see Favorites and Libraries Folder that consume space, while the other drives in the bottom position.

Favorites menu or the Library is useful For those of you who like to access via the Favorites or the Library, but if not then it it would be better if the these menu not displayed.

21 October 2011

Download the Latest Version, AVG Antivirus Free Edition 2012

AVG Antivirus is one of the antivirus providers that is quite popular, especially because it provides antivirus free version, and their antivirus is one of the most downloaded (on site cnet.com), AVG Antivirus Free 2012. In this new version of AVG include various fixes and performance improvements compared to previous versions.

Besides releasing AVG Free, 2012, the paid version of this antivirus is also already enter version 2012 (AVG Antivirus and Internet Security). What's new in this 2012 version?

20 October 2011

Play Camera: Save Image and Record video with Webcam

For those of you who have a laptop (notebook) or a netbook that includes a webcam on his laptop, you may sometimes get confused when looking for software to save or record video from webcam. Because usually a CD or DVD drivers that are included do not provide software for the webcam. Alternatively, we can use the Play Camera.

No inclusion of software to be able to capture images / video from the webcam sometimes quite troublesome users. Play Camera is a free software for capturing pictures or video from the webcam on the computer (either PC or laptop). Display of this program is very user friendly, so it is easy to use. When executed, the webcam will be activated automatically and instantly display images / video that is in front of the webcam.

15 October 2011

Changing the Network Configuration with NetSetMan

If we often connect the internet in many different places and with different configurations, we may often be bothered when we have to change the IP address (Internet Protocol), Subnet Mask, DNS, Gateway and others. To make this easier, we can use a software called NetSetMan.

Setting the network to be connected to the Internet at home, at school, at work or elsewhere is sometimes different, and we often have to manually change the IP address. With free software called NetSetMan, we can speed up all processes and just a click just to adjust the network configuration in place that we choose.

12 October 2011

Fixing Windows with Windows Repair

When Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 or 7 having problems, sometimes not easy to fix. Both these problems arise due to viruses (malware), conflicts or for other applications. But now there are small applications, free and portable that can be used to resolve the issue, which called Windows Repair (All is One).

Previously I've also discussed about free software portable & tweaking.com: Simple Performance Boost, to improve Computer's performance (speed). Now I'll discuss some other useful software for repairing damage on windows, namely Tweaking.com Windows Repair (All in One).

11 October 2011

Windows Optimization with Simple Performance Boost

Talk about Windows optimization, you may be familiar with the word "tweak" or "tweaking", said to turn on or turn off the hidden features. There are several tools for tweaking like Mz Ultimate Tools, X-Setup Pro, RegToy, TweakNow also Ultimate Windows Tweaker.

Despite all the above tools can be said to be complete, but the majority of all the options we have to choose yourself. Although it gives us the freedom which will be on optimization, but still many of us are confused or do not know / understand what is going on optimization. So now there is a simpler alternative, and we do not need to be confused when we want to make tweaks to optimize Windows, Simple Performance Boost.

09 October 2011

Download & Release, Avira [Free] Antivirus 2012

After the previous version of AVG Free Edition 2012 and Avast! Free Antivirus 6.0 has been released, Avira now also do not want to miss. Through his official website, on October 4, 2011 Yesterday, the new version of Avira Antivirus 2012 has been released. This version comes with a new look and several new features.

Based on the latest antivirus test of av-comparatives, Avira is one antivirus that has a virus detection (malware) that are reliable. In addition to AVG and Avast, Avira is also one that provides antivirus free version of Avira Free Antivirus her.

07 October 2011

Complete List of FREE Antivirus and Link to Download

Although free antivirus has fewer features than the paid antivirus, but do not take it lightly! Due to routine updates and add the appropriate security programs, sometimes it is enough for the security of our computer. Here's a list (reference) free antivirus accompanying information place / location to download.

now I will not go into detail about each of Antivirus product, but only provides a complete list of free antivirus, link details antivirus, download location, operating system is supported / required, the size of installation files and manually update link if available.

03 October 2011

Choose the Best Antivirus (av-comparatives test)

av-comparatives-aug-2011Now I will discuss about the various latest antivirus test results conducted by the examining institution antivirus, av-comparatives. On the test this time also included some free antivirus, so it could be a reference which is best.

Recent tests conducted by av-comparatives.org in the year 2011 is the test on-demand test, a test by carrying out scans of various samples of the virus (malware) that many previously circulated. The test was last performed on 27 September 2011, so it is still up to date.

Firefox 7 With Better Memory (RAM) Usage

mozilla firefox 7 thumbOne of the most complained from Firefox is RAM usage that too big. But just now Firefox 7 has been released with improvements of that problem, with new technique Mozilla declare if now RAM usage is decrease until 20-50%, and that's not all because there are many other improvements.

Firefox is one of most web browser widely used, beside available for Windows, Mac and Linux (also Android), magnitude of add-ons also supporting factor for this Firefox 7. But until now the most annoyed problem is very large RAM usage and honestly since version 4 I often feel hang/freeze/not responding. Include the first time loading (startup time) that is very slow!